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10 Books for Your Preschooler in 2018
//Posted by Redd School

The early years of preschool are an important time to developing a lifelong love of reading. Since preschool age children are very impressionable, it is important that they have positive experiences and feelings about their ability to learn and read. By reading to your child each day, you can help build these skills early on. Here are 10 books that young minds can devour in 2018.


Bringing in the New Year

by Grace Lin

This exuberant story follows a Chinese American family as they prepare for the Lunar New Year. Each member of the family lends a hand as they sweep out the dust of the old year, hang decorations, and make dumplings. Then it's time to put on new clothes and celebrate with family and friends.


Mommy Hugs

by Anne Gutman , Georg Hallensleben

What could be sweeter than adorable baby animals snuggling with their mommies? This simple board book with warm illustrations feature a variety of animals and celebrate the affection between mothers and children. Cuddles and kisses will surely abound when reading this aloud!


Squirrel's New Year's Resolution

by Pat Miller Illustrated by Kathi Ember

Squirrel doesn”t know what a resolution is, but happily Bear the librarian explains it quite well, both to her and to the book”s audience. Squirrel then visits her forest friends to see what resolutions they have planned and hopes she”ll be able to think of one for herself.


Clifford's Manners

Series: Clifford the Big Red Dog

by Norman Bridwell Illustrated by Norman Bridwell

Clifford the Big Red Dog displays his good manners by saying "please" and "thank you," waiting his turn, sharing, and being a good sport in games.


Stone Soup

by Ann McGovern Illustrated by Winslow Pels

Whimsical illustrations and text with helpful repetition describe how a young vagabond gets an old lady to feed him by making soup from a stone. Through the boy”s clever ways, the lone ingredient is soon joined by onions, carrots, beef bones, and more. Part of the Easy-to-Read Folktale series.


The Penguin Problem

Series: Ready, Freddy!, Book #19

by Abby Klein Illustrated by John McKinley

Freddy's first-grade class is learning all about penguins, including the fact that some species are endangered. When Freddy suggests a penny drive to help save the penguins, everyone loves the idea. But Freddy can't find his penny jar! How will he save the penguins now?


What Is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

by Margot Parker Illustrated by Matt Bates

When their black classmates Daniel and Janet mention that they are going to march in a parade to honor Martin Luther King, Ben and Amy want to find out more about this famous person and why a day is set aside to honor him.



by Liz Pichon Illustrated by Liz Pichon

If you love penguins, you will love Penguins! It's an ordinary day at the zoo. The penguins swim, eat fish, play penguin games, sleep standing up, look at people, and then look at more people. Everything is the way it should be until a little girl drops a camera into the penguin area...


I Spy by Jean Marzollo Illustrated

by Walter Wick

The first book in the I SPY series still has all of the magic and wonder that captured readers in 1991. Each brilliantly composed spread is a treasure trove of intriguing items. Rhymes present hide-and-seek challenges for young readers in a lively and accessible way.


How Do Dinosaurs Eat Their Food?

by Jane Yolen Illustrated by Mark Teague

Just like kids, dinosaurs have a difficult time learning to behave at the table. However, with a little help from Mom and Dad, these young dinosaurs eat all before them with smiles and goodwill.


Parent tip: Engage your child so he or she will actively listen to a story. Discuss what's happening, point out things on the page, and answer your child's questions. If your child loses interest or has trouble paying attention, just put the book away for a while. 

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