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For the Love of Learning: Kids Valentine’s Day Activities
//Posted by Redd School

Valentine’s Day activities like creating a bookmark will help students fall in love with reading all over again. Though students’ heads may be in the clouds or more focused on candy at this time of the year, you can still work on expanding vocabularies, as well as writing and reading skills, with great memory games and other Valentine’s Day reading activities. Courtesy of Education.com!

Papier-Mâché Heart

Explore form, space, and texture with your child this Valentine's Day by making a charming papier-mâché heart sculpture! Sculpture is an old art form that has been used for centuries from ancient times to the present. Crafting this simple, yet striking papier-mâché heart will introduce your child to this important art form and help her develop her fine motor skills in the process! Download Activity

Homemade Stethoscope

Did you know that the first stethoscope back in the 19th century was simply a piece of paper rolled into a cylinder? This Valentine's Day, learn a little more about the organ that keeps everything in your body going--your heart! Get a closer listen to your heartbeats by creating a homemade stethoscope with a few simple materials. This crafty activity is a great way to American Heart Month while learning about anatomy. Download Activity

Valentines Word Game

Foster a love of words in your little cupid this Valentine's Day with this lovey-dovey activity. Your child will create a memory game that doubles as an early reading activity. Before you know it your kid will have mastered a few sight words, and a few that she can use to show her love for friends and family. Download Activity

Syllables to Love

Trying to teach your young reader about syllables can easily become a dreary task. Make it more interesting with this simple Valentine-themed game. Soon your child will be ticking off syllables like a pro. Download Activity

Color Grading

Color theory isn’t always the most exciting topic but, this Valentine’s Day your child can create a shades of red gradation design, honing his color theory skills and design abilities! With the help of a ruler and some color mixing, not only will your child learn more about color theory, but create abstract artwork, too! Download Activity

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