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After School

After School

Where Children Go to Thrive

The Redd After School Program was instituted as a courtesy service for parents who work outside the home and need a place where their children can still feel a sense of continuity after their school day ends. Our After School program offers students a wide variety of fun learning opportunities at the end of the school day.

As a private school, this program allows us to provide an extension to our philosophy of nurturing, respecting, and teaching children in a way that promotes self-respect, curiosity, and creativity. Extended hours include before and after school care.


Hungry for New Adventures

After school, your child will have the opportunity to do their homework as well as engage in various activities. We are outside on most days, weather permitting, enjoying the playground and the sunshine. Free play is encouraged, but we also play organized games such as tag and capture the flag. Sometimes we even blow bubbles!

When it is too hot, cold, or rainy, we come inside and play in our multi-purpose room. Here we have board games, puzzles, blocks, an arts and crafts area, and a very popular air hockey table. Another favorite activity is playing age-appropriate computer games. Each grade level gets a chance to visit the computer room after they spend time doing homework.

We have an arts and crafts project every Friday, and movies (rated G only) are reserved as a special treat every other Friday. We prefer as much imaginative play and outdoor time as possible. The children are also able to sign up for our after school clubs. Clubs this year included junior robotics, fine arts, storytelling, art history and community service.

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