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Elementary school students at the Redd School are engaged in an investigative style of learning. Guided in part by their own interests, they are learning to meet high standards and demonstrate proficiency in their studies. They are encouraged to stretch themselves and take considered intellectual risks, knowing they will be supported by teachers and friends in a learning environment that values academic achievement, social responsibility, and a demonstrated effort to be one’s best self.

Our Facilities provide a break from suburbia as our 8-acre campus allows students to connect with and explore nature. Some activities include gardening, animal interaction at our petting zoo.

Our goal for elementary education is to prepare students for middle school by building solid foundations in every subject. Working in small classes with the guidance and personal attention of dedicated instructors, the Redd School’s elementary school students begin to acquire study habits that will serve them all their lives. They are improving their reading, writing, and reasoning skills while mastering age-appropriate content. Our rich elementary program educates the whole child. The curriculum utilizes the most effective materials and methods for each subject.

Character development is a fundamental part of a Redd School education. Young children who arrive here for elementary school (grades K-5) are eager to explore the world, to find their place in it, and we incorporate facilitating this essential aspect of self-discovery into our goals for your child throughout our elementary program.

Elementary Program

The early grades pose special challenges because this is when student's attitudes toward learning are shaped and is the time they begin to make judgments about their own abilities. At the Redd School, we have built an elementary school program that provides opportunity for development of self-esteem, social competence and intellectual growth. We prepare a success-oriented learning package, challenging each student to work at their highest instructional level.

The intermediate grades give students an opportunity to take more responsibility for their learning proactively. It is a time when preparation begins for middle school and beyond. The program instills a sense of pride, character, good study habits, and organizational and time management skills. Students are encouraged to challenge themselves and teachers make sure that everyone is working to the best of their abilities.

As the students grow and mature, the Redd School program allows for accelerated academic demands within a nurturing, small group environment. Our elementary school students are increasingly challenged to expose and explore connections within and among the disciplines. They are asked to reflect on what they learn and how it relates to them. They leave our program confident and eager to continue to learn, make connections, and make a contribution.

Elementary Curriculum

The Redd School elementary curriculum maintains the standard set forth by the Texas state-mandated curricula by grade level. The Redd School difference that will benefit your child is in the way we teach. We are not bound by grade level, and we maintain small class sizes throughout each grade. This flexibility affords us the ability to take each child from where they are to as far as they can go in engaging and individualized classes.

We value character development, community service, integrity, creativity and we place the utmost importance on being enthusiastic about lifelong learning. We integrate these values throughout the interdisciplinary subject areas in our curriculum wherever possible in order to make learning meaningful and impactful for our students. Some of the subject areas our curriculum include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, Spanish, art/drama/music and physical education, which are described in further detail below."

    Language Arts

Reading is the motivating factor in a Redd School education. It opens doors to new ideas, the world of literature and information research. Students are given the opportunity to learn in the modalities that are easiest and most effective for them. Grammar, spelling, writing and vocabulary are integral parts of the Language Arts program. A love for words in all forms is instilled in a variety of ways. A Redd School student will be a writer, a reader and a thinker.


Using a well-balanced and innovative curriculum, students are involved in critical thinking/problem solving activities that will develop the conceptual background and skill-building necessary for solid number sense and pre-algebraic reasoning concepts. Students use concrete objects and models to interpret abstract concepts within the context of practical applications. This process assures that students develop true concept understanding rather than rote memorization of facts.


Science at the Redd School is an adventure that embraces the concept of active participation in meaningful experiences. We nurture an exploratory attitude to inspire students to take on challenges. Students develop ownership in the process as they organize their thinking into plans for investigating questions. We engage students in hands-on activities, critical thinking and problem solving strategies that lead them to discovery, with real-life applications. Integrating Science across the curriculum demonstrates that Science is part of our everyday life instead of a standalone subject.

    Social Studies

Students learn about the world starting with their own home and neighborhood, their city, their state, and their nation working towards building understanding on a multi-cultural and international level. Students are exposed to history, culture, government, geography, and current events while locating themselves in the diverse, dynamic world they live in.


Students are introduced to conversational Spanish and work from basic vocabulary through sentence structure and on to conjugation and reading.

    Art, Drama and Music

At the Redd School we believe that exposure to both the fine and performing arts is an important component in any well-rounded education. Teachers expose the students to many aspects of fine arts using a vast variety of media and subjects. The results of these projects are impressive and are showcased at the Redd School during the year. Throughout the school year, performance groups stage their talents at Redd School and often students attend theatre and dance productions.

    Physical Education

At Redd School, each student participates in physical education in order to build good exercise habits for a healthy future and an active lifestyle. The students are exposed to a wide variety of sports and games designed to provide aerobic activity and enhance coordination and physical development. Students are also exposed to the principles of proper nutrition.

After completing the Redd School elementary curriculum students are not only prepared for Middle School, they are also more prepared for a diverse and rapidly changing world.

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