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Redd School Equestrian Center

Summer Equestrian

Swift, graceful and uplifting are all words that can describe the experience of horseback riding. Your child can experience horseback riding first-hand at our equestrian center. Horseback riding lessons encompass practice in motor skills, muscle control, strength training, body image, responsibility for another living creature and, most of all, confidence. The equestrian arena is a place where children can find strengths that can be applied to their performance in the classroom. It's the place where many individuals build an "I can" attitude. Riding lessons (English and Western) are offered to Redd School students as well as students and adults not affiliated with the school. We also offer birthday parties.

"After all, when you find the power of the horse and the gentleness of his spirit, you have found a true treasure." -Travis McDonald

    Did You Know

Fun fact: The horse isn’t the only one getting a workout when you’re horseback riding. That’s simply a common misperception. You’ll be surprised to find out that there are many fitness and health benefits to riding a horse!

  • Abs and Upper Body. Horseback riding is a great form of exercise that effectively and completely works out your abdominal muscles. To maintain your posture as the horse moves, you must constantly make minor adjustments in your upper body, such as leaning, rotating and sitting up. Proper rein technique requires you to pull, firmly grasp and hold up the reins. This gently works your shoulders and arms with constant tension.
  • Low Impact. While horseback riding can raise your heart rate and challenge your muscles, it is actually much gentler on your body than many other sports. Because you’re seated much of the time, riding doesn’t stress your knees and lower body. =
  • Fun for Everyone. Because all ages can participate, horseback riding is a great sport for your entire family. Many families even enjoy it so much that they commit to it together as a lifestyle.
    Horseback Riding at Summer Camp

One of the many exciting activities at our summer camp is horseback riding! Campers who participate will: 

  • Learn about safe handling of horses, horse care, feeding, and grooming
  • Ride at the walk and trot (canter work will be included if appropriate)
  • Participate in horse-related arts & crafts, games and contests
  • Bathe and groom horses
  • Learn horse terminology including colors, heights, markings, body parts, and riding styles

Focus will be on equitation as the most effective way to ride, stressing proper use of hands, legs and body position. We have a variety of wonderful horses and ponies that are well-trained and acclimated to working with children.

    Redd School Ranch After School Horseback Riding Program

Redd School Ranch offers a wonderful after school equestrian program that incorporates essential skills and lessons that are important in the development of your child.  Experienced instructors provide riding lessons for children that have completed their homework. This allows riders to advance their skills and knowledge of horses while still prioritizing their schoolwork. At the ranch, your children are able to interact with farm animals and learn how to properly care for and respect living creatures.  In addition, children enjoy new friendships, build self-confidence and learn to overcome challenges when facing obstacles.

Redd School Ranch offers lessons to Redd School students and separately to members of the community as private lessons.  Please call to inquire about rates and details.

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