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Extracurricular Activities

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At the Redd School, our instructional design is formulated on the idea that in addition to a well-rounded curriculum, extracurricular activities are equally necessary to stimulate our students and encourage their growth as lifelong learners at every level.  

We offer electives throughout the year for our Middle School students, some of which include robotics & engineering, ham radio, Greek mythology, and cooking. We enjoy the opportunity to innovate by creating new electives, as well as maintaining a consistent offering of interesting, challenging and unique courses our students love.

For elementary level students, we offer extracurricular clubs. Club participation allows us to create a diverse group of opportunities for our students, without taking away from their time in the classroom. We recommend that each elementary student participate in at least one club each semester. This year, some of our clubs included junior robotics, fine arts, storytelling, art history, and community service. In past years we have offered clubs such as poetry and choir as well.

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