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Our History

Deep Roots in Cultivating a Love of Learning

History PictureThe Redd School, established in 1969, has overcome numerous obstacles and evolved tremendously since its inception as a dream until now as a place where that dream has taken root and blossomed.


The Journey

Sara Redd and Denna Baskin became close friends as they carpooled to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas, where they pursued their Master’s degrees in Education. Like many young educators, they began to consider what place would make for a perfect school, often sharing their dreams of creating such a school. A few years later, after many hours spent commuting to the University, their friendship developed into a partnership and they embarked together on the Redd School journey.


The School

In 1969, they finally found a location for their dream school in Bellaire, TX - a house where Mrs. Redd and Mrs. Baskin worked day and night polishing shelves, ordering books and preparing a space where children and learning were the focus. Upon completion, the Redd School’s doors were officially opened and students were welcomed into a place that would prepare them for the real world. With a contagious passion for learning at the core of the curriculum, each step of the school’s success was met with an overwhelming eagerness to learn the next step. Together with their students, in a school where laughter, hard work and tenacity marked the halls, teachers also persevered.

As the school grew, Mrs. Redd and Mrs. Baskin never wavered from their original idea of providing an educational experience marked by individualized and practical instructional design. Instead of letting their standards drown amidst a larger student body, Mrs. Redd and Mrs. Baskin simply brought more teachers into their academic home; teachers who shared their basic principles and tremendous love of children.


The Missing Piece

As the Redd School continued to successfully grow, it became apparent that a few small elements from the original dream were still missing. Mrs. Baskin had always hoped to one day include a campus that provided a wholesome, natural environment mirroring one she grew up with on her grandmother’s farm. She envisioned that place being somewhere students could safely embrace the curiosity and wonder ingrained in their natural character – a place where they enjoy the wonders of nature, whether it’s experiencing an animal’s unconditional love or simply admiring the wilderness. In 1974, Mrs. Redd and Mrs. Baskin came across an untouched multi-acre piece of land where that piece of the dream could finally become reality. This part of the school is now the proud home of petting zoos, gardens, walkways, porches and large classrooms. And so, their story began…


Our Next Chapter

Mrs. Redd retired in 1976, while Mrs. Baskin carried on until 2010 when she sold the school to its current director, Mrs. Anita Gupta. She continues to promote the beliefs and philosophies that have led to the Redd School success. Kicking off the newest chapter in the Redd School legacy, Mrs. Gupta is also at the forefront of her field and deeply impassioned as an educator. She has improved Redd School’s learning materials and updated the campus and school’s facilities. Our story continues to live on as Mrs. Gupta shares her own dreams of providing a distinctive education to every child in the school.

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