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Infants at Redd School

Infants Picture

Our Door Is Always Open

The Redd School has developed its own curriculum for infants, designed to guide your child through each developmental stage, such as sitting up, crawling, walking, "talking", as well as other engaging activities such as baby sign language, singing songs and opportunities for exploring their world.

We believe having an 'open door' policy is critical to the success of our Infant Program. We welcome phone calls and visits from parents, especially breastfeeding mothers, and share information about your child's development or unique needs anytime.

The Program

Specialized Care in the Early Stages of Development

Our Infant program provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment for the littlest ones in our care. Our our caring teachers will work cooperatively with you to nurture your baby through their early stages of development.

We provide continuity of care between your home and our classrooms by partnering with parents and developing a strong understanding of each child's individual needs. Each day the teachers will give you a daily record of the day. This will provide information about feeding, sleeping, diapering, and a general overview of your Infants day.

The Classroom

Promoting Good Health and Well-Being

Our infant room is equipped with a refrigerator and bottle warmers for bottle preparation, sleeping areas with individual cribs, and cubbies to hold your little one's belongings. Keeping your baby's health and well-being in mind, toys and equipment are sanitized throughout the day. Our infant classroom follows a "No Shoe" policy to prevent germs from being spread.

In the classroom we participate in the most relevant physical changes in a child's life. Babies begin laying on their backs, to rolling and laying on their tummies, then they sit up, crawl, stand on two feet by holding onto someone or something, to finally taking their first steps. Once your child is walking, teachers will take them out on the patio to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, weather permitting.

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