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Message from head of school

Welcome PicA Letter from, Ellen LeBlanc

Welcome to the Redd School website!  I’m thrilled that you found your way here and I’m equally proud to introduce you to our school.  You will find, as you navigate through our site, that the Redd School is a student-centered campus. Our legacy as an outstanding academic institution is not only founded upon our emphasis on academic excellence but also our genuine desire to educate and empower the youth. We provide a well-rounded curriculum, as well as many extracurricular programs, which our students are encouraged to participate in.

At the Redd School, we are grooming the next thinkers and leaders of the 21st century – citizens who aren’t afraid to think outside the box and are amply equipped with the tools to do so. These tools are provided by a team of highly skilled and dedicated educators. Our teachers are chosen not only because of their incredible instructional aptitude, but also their patience, nurturing attitude and genuine commitment to adapt to each child’s learning style. An invaluable strength of our academic program is our ability to instill confidence and critical thinking skills in your child by teaching them how to interact, collaborate, and compromise with others effectively. We build upon these “success skills” by also teaching self-discipline, time management, character development, community service and the importance of a strong work ethic. One Redd School parent said, “I want my child to be smart. I want her to have all the academic tools she needs to be accomplished, but I never thought about the actual ‘tools’ for success. You can be the smartest person in any room, but if you don’t have these tools, you might as well pack up and go home.”

At the Redd School we’ve found that providing these tools in addition to a well-rounded education is a time-tested formula for success. That doesn’t mean that we’re resting on our laurels though! The same way we encourage our students to ask, “Why?” and “Why not?” we push ourselves to keep abreast of newly developing trends and strategies in education. We provide ongoing training for our teachers, who regularly attend inspiring workshops, seminars, and continuing education programs. For example, two of our newest additions, the Singapore Math Program and British Big Write program, are avant garde opportunities offered to our students for participation, both of which have made a huge impact on our curriculum.

In short, we teach our students how to learn. At the Redd School our success is contingent upon the success of each and every one of our students. We strive to achieve more than just the sum of many parts; we teach every child how to research, grow, find facts, ideas, solutions, and to utilize their creative and critical thinking skills in their own lives to develop and execute their own plans of action. Our ultimate goal is to see that each student is given the tools necessary during their time with us and exceed their potential upon completion. We invite parental interaction, and we view our relationship with you to be as valuable to us as our relationship with your child. At the Redd School, we are a team rooted in and rooting for the success of each of our students!

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