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Redd School Middle School

Middle Picture

Inspiring Young Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Our Middle School is one of the finest pre-preparatory programs in the area. The quest for personal and academic excellence begins here — where we provide opportunities for analytical and critical thinking, class discussions, problem solving and hands-on projects.

Students are given open-arms access to a vibrant world of music, drama, visual arts, technology, and science with full support to explore their curiosities without judgment or inhibition. Our instructors engage the students in the learning process by stimulating their interest and creativity while fostering each student's growth in character and leadership.

The Program

Independent Thinkers, Self-Directed Learners

Adolescence is a time of great change, excitement, and challenge. Students at this age, in grades 6-8, put tremendous physical, emotional, and cognitive energy into all that they do. This is a time for discovering and exploring interests and passions as well as for developing a growing independence and sense of self.

We encourage students’ most positive attitudes and interest in working to their full potential. Our teachers work with you as parents, and ask that you provide a climate at home that complements the one created by the Redd School in the classroom, so that each student comes that much closer to achieving the goals set forth by our program.

The curriculum is integrated across subject areas, creating a more powerful educational experience through collaboration. Children aren’t expected to fit into a mold, but rather are given support and guidance to mold their own path towards success. Middle school is a time for setting goals, learning to manage time independently, monitoring progress and pursuing areas of interest for independent study.

The Classroom

Empowering Students to Be Responsible Citizens

Middle school students have a maximum of four academic teachers which allows instructors to know their students as individuals. This type of mentorship keeps self-esteem (sometimes fragile during this time of life) at peak levels by providing the students with daily opportunities for success and smooth transitions from year to year.

As part of the strong academic program, we empower our students to be responsible citizens through service learning initiatives. The Leadership Academy is part of the Redd Middle School and provides a service-oriented cornerstone program that allows students to perform community service. This program provides young scholars with the tools to develop their leadership skills through public speaking and community service projects.

You will find our students championing the causes for:

  • environmental issues
  • voter registration
  • literacy
  • programs for the elderly

Work with local non-profit organizations, such as the groups listed below, is also part of our Leadership Academy program:

  • Habitat for Humanity and
  • Children's Charity Projects

We combine a qualified faculty with a student-centered approach to focus our course content and instruction on the developmental needs of middle school students. Our instructors engage the students in the learning process by stimulating their interest and creativity while fostering each student's growth in character and leadership.


Higher quality literary experiences are essential to our reading program in the middle school. The ultimate goal in reading is to understand - to gain insight and knowledge from the act of reading and then from interpretation and assessment. Students must learn to use what they know about themselves and the world to facilitate this process. As students move through school, reading becomes more complex so they must treat the lessons actively and strategically. The students are exposed to a variety of novels, often integrated with history classes. The same can be said for units in poetry, essays and short stories. Students are encouraged to read books of their choice in addition to the assigned reading. Teachers work hard at cultivating a love of reading in each student and can't wait until the thrilling moment when a student says, "The book was much better than the movie."

    Writing Techniques

Redd School students become writers, editors, illustrators and publishers. They write in journals, as well as complete ongoing writing assignments. Advocacy and being able to adeptly identify and express thoughts and opinions in writing is an essential component of the critical thinking skill set we strive to cultivate at the Redd School. Our students learn how to write fiction, essays, poetry, research articles and opinion pieces. Each assignment is unique, and chronicles the steps it takes to have a finished product worthy of publication.

The students build and acquire the skills and concepts needed to generate, organize and communicate ideas. They brainstorm and problem solve until they find a strategy that works best for each writing assignment and represents their individual style. The mechanics of grammar and sentence structure, along with research techniques are taught so that self-editing and rewriting become instinctive.


Science at the Redd School is a student-led adventure. Our learning goal focuses on how Earth and Space operate as systems dependent on each other. Our well -integrated studies look at the components of each system through hands-on, inquiry-based learning that develops the processes of science. As students formulate questions and ideas based on evidence, they develop critical thinking and problem solving strategies. Making real-life applications gives meaning to their work. Most importantly, students are motivated and develop ownership in the process as they guide their own learning.

Using innovative teaching strategies immerses students in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) based learning. On-site fieldwork, partnerships with scientists, and participation in unique classroom and extra-curricular activities challenges and engages students in learning that's fun!

Click on these blog links to see our science program in action!



Our diverse and ever-changing world is filled with interesting, different, and unique people and cultures. Our ‘history’ curriculum incorporates history, geography, social studies, and current events, forever taking students on trips back through time and around the globe. As a part of our Middle School program, students learn how one event can trigger another and develop an understanding of how each event in turn impacts our world. The history curriculum also works in conjunction with our language and literature programs to form an interdisciplinary approach to teaching open-mindedness and appreciation of diversity. We believe this world view will help each student to traverse his or her own experience with the world around us, and positively influence their future leadership and global citizenship.

    Computer Technology

At the Redd School we constantly update our computer equipment so our students will be familiar with the latest advances. Each classroom has at least two computers, and we maintain a fully-equipped computer laboratory with networked internet access on campus. In Computer Science, each student will be introduced to basic computer operation and internet navigation. Students will be taught how to use presentation, spreadsheet, word processing, publication and graphic software. The computers are also used to enhance the curriculum through the use of educational software and web-based educational resources.

    Second Language Studies

At the Redd School we believe the exposure of our students to other cultures and languages will augment their ability to communicate, and improve their performance in other subject areas. Learning a second language can improve a student’s reading comprehension abilities, increase their ability to transfer skills from one language to another, improve their linguistic awareness, potentially improve their standardized testing scores, and allow them to experience greater self-efficacy. As a part of our Second Language Studies curriculum we offer Spanish as a second language, in order to provide our students with the skills described above and to provide improved communication skills that will benefit them as they interact with our local community.

    Art, Drama and Music

At the Redd School we believe that exposure to both the fine and performing arts is important for the development of students into well-rounded adults. Each and every student has an almost infinite capacity to be creative. Children are by nature constantly curious, expressive, physical, at play and engaged. Often as we grow older, we lose sight of these parts of ourselves. As Middle School instructors, we believe it is of the utmost importance to retain and refine these qualities in our students by encouraging their study of and participation in the fine and performing arts.

Our teachers expose students to the many sides of the fine arts by incorporating a wide variety of media, mediums, and subjects. The results of these projects are often quite impressive, and showcased annually throughout events at the Redd School. Our productions from our performing arts program are showcased at the classroom level, and as all-school spectaculars. Each student learns how to work within a group, create a story, perform in front of others, as well as prepare sets and lighting. Students are encouraged to develop and use their talents creatively, and to be a kind audience for their peers. We also use field trips, whenever possible, to expose our students to the fine and performing arts by watching and interacting with professional and amateur artists and performers.

    Physical Education

At the Redd School, each student participates in physical education in order to build good exercise habits that will help build and maintain healthy bones, muscles and joints. Our students are exposed to a wide variety of sports and games designed to provide aerobic activity and enhance coordination and physical development. Students are also exposed to the principles of proper nutrition. The goal of our physical education program is to promote good personal habits that will lend themselves to maintaining an active lifestyle as an adult.

Our middle school students leave Redd School amply prepared to be successful in a variety of high school settings. The students are aware of what is required for them to be successful. Their confidence serves them well when dealing with peer situations and their study skills serve them well in all academic endeavours.

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