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Philosophy Picture

One Size Education Does Not Fit All 

Since its establishment in 1969 the Redd School's educational philosophy has always been based on the concept of flexibility. Sara Redd and Denna Baskin hoped to create a dream school when they founded the Redd School, one with enough flexibility to meet the needs of each individual student. They strove to create an environment in which learning was a priority, but also where students and teachers alike could grow and feel respected.

Creating Lifelong Learners 

Our goal is to take your child from where they are academically, emotionally and socially to as far as they can go. This means finding a level of instruction that challenges them without frustrating them, ensuring they have a sense of accomplishment each day. It is important to us to provide opportunities for your child to build self-esteem while encouraging an open mind and understanding heart.

The Redd School environment is designed to spark creativity, nurture curiosity and enable students to build on their weaknesses by using their strengths.  Our instructors emphasize positive values and good citizenship, making it a priority to respect each student so they are in return, respectful of others and themselves.

We foster a diverse community where each student is taught that they can make a difference in the world. Our wholesome approach to education makes it possible for the entire family to participate in the education of your child. At Redd School, we make learning fun and rewarding so that each child becomes a lifelong learner.

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