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Preschool Picture


Preschool comprises the critical years in which young minds devour knowledge and learn to interact as part of a larger, formative community.  In our close-knit classrooms, each student begins to master the skills that form a foundation for continuous learning.

Through an interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum, the Redd School Preschool experience focuses on creativity and multiculturalism. Our objective is to enable our students become independent thinkers and problem solvers.

Our educators understand the power and importance of play and how to create nurturing environments for children to love school, have fun and grow academically, socially and emotionally.

Our Facilities provide a break from suburbia, our 8-acre campus affords the children the ability to connect and explore nature through gardening, interaction with animals in our petting zoo.

Preschool Program

The early years of a child's formal education are the foundation on which their academic future is built upon. At the Redd School we believe a strong academic foundation will foster a lifelong love of learning and help our children develop the necessary skills for future academic success. We believe it is our job to help your child build that academic foundation.

Our preschool program establishes a level of comfort and mutual respect between our teachers and students that allows each child to feel comfortable in their uniqueness and individuality. Our students’ sense of respect carries over into how they interact amongst themselves also; we teach our students how to problem solve through conflicts resolution, how to act politely in various social situations, and how to be kind and helpful to their friends. We also encourage independent thinking, and use a multidisciplinary approach to teaching that adds value to early childhood education, which we believe is essential to each child’s academic and interpersonal development.

At the Redd School we pride ourselves situated in having a tranquil, park-like setting. Our spacious campus includes, equestrian centre, petting zoo, garden. Our preschool buildings were designed with little people in mind – they are safe, comfortable, and full of stimulating materials affording teachers the ability to work one on one and make each child feel special.

Our teachers were chosen for their expertise in the field of early childhood and for their loving concern for your child’s well being. They combine both attributes in the classroom and the result is well-adjusted, happy children who love learning. As a Redd School preschool parent you will receive a monthly itinerary of the curriculum, as well as a newsletter informing you of your child’s scheduled activities. Because this is such a critical age for a child, our focus is to first love them and then equip them with the tools to be independent thinkers and have a love of knowledge.  We are more than just a preschool; we are the beginning of a journey.

Preschool Curriculum

Preschool is the place where strong foundations are developed so that future educational experiences have a substantial basis on which to work. Since preschool age children are very impressionable, it is important that they have positive experiences and feelings about their ability to learn. These feelings will also impact their willingness to try new things. Our preschool curriculum integrates several different subject areas, in order to provide a powerful and balanced educational experience. We maintain small classrooms so that our educators are not strained to provide each child with individual attention, and so that students are encouraged to actively participate and engage in learning.

At the Redd School, each preschooler is exposed to a variety of experiences and learning opportunities and each developmental stage is addressed with love and challenge. Instruction is success oriented and made for fun! The curriculum is designed to integrate all subject areas so the day runs smoothly and transitions are made easily. Our preschool curriculum not only prepares students for their next steps in school, but also lays the foundation for a lifelong passion for learning sure to enable their successful, bright futures. Some elements of the interdisciplinary preschool curriculum we focus on, such as mathematics, social studies, science and technology, health education and fine arts, are described in further detail below.


We rely on a hands-on approach to ensure that children have a firm grasp of basic mathematical concepts. Math is totally developmental and as soon as one concept is understood and easily practiced, the children move on to the next. At each juncture, as the concepts build upon one another, their learning becomes concrete.  Children use interactive resources such as puzzles, pattern blocks and scales to learn about number recognition, number sequencing, patterning, matching, sorting and memory.

    Social Studies

Preschool Social Studies is about people – the people in our family, classroom, community and how we all get along. Tolerance, compassion, empathy and sharing are a part of each social studies unit. Even at this young age, we talk about making good choices and listening to our hearts when being pressured to make choices we know are wrong. Each unit is integrated a specific character traits in mind. We introduce and role model these traits as well as read books about them and discuss them in circle time. Students learn that the world we live in is filled with many different cultures, and they are provided with books that demonstrate cultures, lifestyles and people from different countries.

    Science and Technology

The Redd School campus is made for science and it’s a prime opportunity to nurture the innate curiosity of a preschool child. They are encouraged to question, explore and research. Hands-on experiences with animals, the gardens and the universe around us make for an exciting science experience. As part of our technology curriculum, students are also provided with basic computer classes

    Health Education

Through outdoor play, physical movement and personal hygiene we learn about ourselves and how to live in a healthy manner. We emphasize the importance of remaining active and taking care of ourselves. This means eating healthy foods, having a blast running around and playing fun games.  Your child is beginning to learn about the importance of nutrition and will learn to place value on a healthy lifestyle.

    Fine Arts

Making music, dressing up in the dramatic play area, and creating beautiful masterpieces in the art area are included in the preschool program. Creativity is encouraged and each child has the opportunity to learn and experiment with different mediums. Our emphasis is on the process of art, not on the final product. Art is enjoyed as an expression of each preschooler, thus fostering self-esteem and individuality. Dramatic play and singing is a time where your child participates in singing and dancing. Throughout the year they participate in our cultural programs, along with all other Redd School grades, and they have their own performance in spring and at Christmas.

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