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Summer School

Summer School

Our teachers make summer school an enjoyable way to enrich students, complete remedial work and even maintain the student's current level of understanding. Each student will be matched with a program that fits his or her needs. The program is divided into small groups that are arranged by age, grade and academic ability.

"Successful START" Program (First Grade)

We believe that a child's ultimate success in school depends on the strength of their educational groundwork. We offer testing and assessment and plan individual programs in order to establish a successful learning foundation.

Math (1-8)

We utilize the most current manipulatives so your child can visually and practically understand math concepts. This hands-on approach provides children with essential fundamental skills required for academic advancement.

Reading / English (1-8)

We encourage a love of reading and immerse each child in the joys of literature, while teaching basic grammar, phonemic awareness and interpretation. In order to achieve the best academic results, each child's learning style is taken into consideration prior to reading instruction.

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