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Posted by a parent on 02/03/12

My daughter just started at Redd and loves it. The principal, Ms. Ellen, has been wonderful & has put forth every effort to ensure that my daughter is well accepted. I love the fact that the teacher is able to challenge my daughter to her fullest potential (my daughter is an advanced 1st grader). The entire staff has been awesome - and has the open door policy that I like. It is a nurturing and lovey-dovey school. This works for us, although it may not work for everyone. After volunteering today, I can see how affectionate (i.e. hugs, high-5's, positive reinforcement) the staff is and how happy ALL of the kids seem to be. The parents that I have spoken with are all happy and wouldn't change a thing. With this being said, my husband and I want to keep our kids at Redd until middle school; I feel that Redd may be too small for middle school aged kids. Also, there are a lot of activities during the summer, which is awesome.

Posted by a parent on 01/17/12

I have two children ages 15 and 8. My daughter graduated to Redd School and is now in public school. My 8 year-old son is in Redd School. I really recommend the school for children who need *one on one* attention. The teachers are very caring and do an outstanding job in teaching the children. My child brings home A's with a few B's and comes home with so much knowledge that I am amazed. Highly recommend!!

Posted by a parent on 01/03/12

This is our first year at Redd School. I'm kicking myself for not finding it sooner. My daughter is learning SOOOO much more than she did in the advanced classes in public school AND in a nurturing, stress-free environment. Thank you Miss Ellen! Thank you Miss Crow! Thank you Redd School!

Posted by a parent on 11/11/11

My daughter has been attending Redd School for two years now and is in the 1st grade. Redd School is not just an excellent learning environment for my daughter, with caring teachers and a fantastic campus, it is also a place where everyone knows her and she knows everyone. The sense of community that so often times these days is missing from public and private educational institutions thrives at Redd School. She exhibits a love for learning that most kids lack. I attribute this to the care and education provided by the Redd School teachers and staff. Talking to my child about her day is an adventure; from talks about reading buddies, to field trip where she gets to ride elephants, to talks about her witnessing a baby sheep being born. Redd School is, and always will be, an amazing and magical part of her childhood. Thank you Redd School for being part of our family.

Posted by a parent on 09/24/11

The teachers are really good and the principal, Ms. LeBlanc is involved in all aspects of the school. They all care about the kids. My kids are learning so much and loving school. They have some new programs that are making their level of educational expectations higher and higher. . . . all the while, making sure all the kids are getting what they need. It's great! My whole family is so happy

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