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The Redd School Strives to provide the ideal environment to foster the growth and development of your child through an interdisciplinary, hands-on curriculum. Our program is designed to help your child master the skills needed to form a solid foundation for a love of continuous learning.

Toddler Program

Toddlerhood is an exciting stage in your child’s development. It is a time when language, social, physical and cognitive skills begin to flourish. Toddlers are learning during every moment of their day, using all of their senses to explore. Based on our extensive experience of what these young explorers are learning, Redd School has a comprehensive program which provides hands-on, multi-sensory approach to our curriculum. Following directions, good citizenship, good decision making skills, communication and language, taking turns, cooperation, conflict resolution, fine/gross motor skills and development of self-help skills are integral elements of our program. 

Indirect lessons and peer-to-peer role modeling is part of what makes our toddler program a success. The toddler experience is designed for children 18 months to 3 years of age.  We build on their natural drive for independence providing independent work times for the children to work in areas of interest, which will then flow seamlessly to our Preschool 3’s program.

Our Toddlers' Classroom

Redd School teachers engage your young explorers with an interactive, hands-on curriculum that channels their energy and excitement into positive learning experiences. Your child’s classroom is designed with age-appropriate materials and equipment in various learning centers like manipulative, art, sensory tables, and circle time for sharing stories/music. Children are encouraged to explore the various centers independently, as well as work cooperatively with their friends.

The toddler classroom is set up to promote sharing/taking turns with their peers, using proper manners and cleaning up after they engage in an activity. We promote independence by emphasizing self-help skills throughout the day, such as putting on their own coats and hats, washing hands, becoming potty-trained and much more. The teachers help the toddlers achieve these goals in many ways, such as role modeling, shadowing and providing direct/indirect lessons.

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